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Popcorn Time brings the power of Full-HD movies and TV shows to your Linux while providing the best watching experience a user can ask for.
Big screen TV

Watch in Full-HD

Popcorn Time will find the highest quality torrents online to ensure you get a full cinema grade experience.
Movie & TV catalogue

Aawsome Catalogue

With an endless selection of movies and TV shows, you'll have a hard time choosing what to watch first.
Multilingual films

Subtitles & Dubbing

Popcon Time offers dubbed movies and subtitles in any language. ¬°Hurra!

Best of all... it's free!

Linux 64bit   Linux 32bit
Hard to believe?
See how easy it works...
1 Install Popcorn Time
2 Choose a title
3 Click play & enjoy!

Popcorn Time will run on any device

Just take care of the popcorn & leave the rest to us.
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